A River Runs Through It
The University of Toledo
College of Education

Dr. Charles J. Rop ~ Dr. Mark Camp ~ Dr. Brenda Wolodko ~
Abbey Cappel ~ Jeffrey Peters

Click here to view sample portfolios and video presentations of the 2006 ARRT.

ARRT will feature daily field trips and indoor exercises that focus on developing an integrated, practical knowledge of two of the major river watersheds of Northwest Ohio.

We will muck about taking samples, collecting data, making observations, and then learn how to deal with all of the information we collect. Study sites will include Oak Openings, Lake Erie marshes, Stranahan Arboretum, metroparks, city parks, rivers and streams, local farms, Toledo Art Museum, Toledo Botanical Gardens, and other field settings.

Participants will get their feet wet and their hands dirty, but have fun as they learn. Also, participants will gain an integrated knowledge of:

  • science, technology and mathematics
  • local history including Native American history
  • local folklore
  • art including glass art
  • music and music history of Northwestern Ohio--Jazz, blues and juke joints
  • archeology
  • industrial development of Northwestern Ohio
  • Railroad history and the Wabash and Erie Canal
  • The Great Black Swamp
  • farming and farming technolgy

We are especially interested in applying what we learn to K-12 classroom teaching and learning.

Participation is free for local teachers and others who are interested in learning about Northwestern Ohio. You can also register for 3 hours of University of Toledo credits at the normal summer rate. Also, participants will receive a stipend they can use to support classroom applications and extensions. In addition to free handouts, maps, and books, groups of teachers from specific schools receive a technology-enhanced sampling kit to bring back to their schools and use in their classrooms.

Enrollment is limited!

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You can either print an application form and send it through the mail or you can apply on line. Please click on the button below.

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